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Collection: Bouncing Bunnies


Bouncing Bunnies

Bouncing Bunnies is a class designed for new readers and writers! This class has been created for children who can recognise, pronounce and write their initial sounds and are ready for the next stage- putting letters together into words! 

Learning to blend (read) and segment (spell) can be particularly tricky for young children, so we aim to develop these skills in a fun-filled environment! 

As with all our Reading Rabbits classes, there is a lot of active movement in these sessions, with the opportunity to write with a variety of media. Children learn to read and spell words in these classes through games and lively activities. 

Available Classes - Before booking a Bouncing Bunnies class, please contact Reading Rabbits for a free consultation, to ensure your child is in the group best suited to meet their learning needs. 

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If you wish to pay as you go, please pay through the link below. Please contact Reading Rabbits via phone of email to check availability of your preferred class, before proceeding to payment. 

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