About the Classes

Reading Rabbits provides early learning education for Pre-school, Early Years and Key Stage One children.  

We deliver interactive phonics classes, in a fun, messy learning environment; the way learning should be, to shape confident learners!

Classes run for 45 minutes and feature play-based activities in a stimulating environment. We focus on one letter sound per session and review others taught in previous sessions. We provide a range of engaging activities which help to build the foundations for learning (including a focus on fine and gross motor skills for young children). All of our classes are based on the current national curriculum objectives for reading. 


What Classes Do We Offer?

At Reading Rabbits we run 4 different group classes; Bunny Hops, Bunny Jumps, Book Bunnies and Rainbow Rabbits. Private tuition is also available, please contact me for more information.

Bunny Hops (2-4 years)

In Bunny Hops class, we focus on the foundations for phonics, with a range of activities designed for fine and gross motor skills (essential for future writers!). Each class focuses on a letter sound with play-based activities set up to reinforce the recognition and pronunciation of the letter sound. This class always involves singing, moving, mess and of course, stories! 

Bunny Jumps (4-6 years) 

In Bunny Jumps, we look at the digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (3 letters that make one sound). Once children can decode digraphs and trigraphs in reading, their options for more engaging story books expands greatly. Similarly to Bunny Jumps, there is a lot of active movement in these sessions, with the opportunity to write with a variety of media. Children read words and sentences in this session, to apply phonic knowledge to decode words and improve fluency skills (a skill often holding children back in their reading progression). Reading is always fun in these sessions, as children are learning through games and lively activities!

Book Bunnies (6-7 years)

In Book Bunnies, we concentrate on End of Key Stage One (Year 2 ) objectives for reading. This class is for children who are confident with their phonics and ready to apply their increased phonic knowledge to decoding unfamiliar multisyllabic words, for fluent and expressive reading. In this class, we review digraphs and trigraphs at the beginning of each session (you'd be surprised how easily they can be forgotten!) and then practise reading a focus book for each session. As with all our other groups, this is a fun and active class! Children need a solid understanding of the book and vocabulary used, to be able to read with appropriate expression. Therefore, Book Bunnies ensures children have a sound understanding of verbs by acting them out and linking unfamiliar words to other texts they have read or their own experiences. We make fluency fun, through activities such as 'Rapid Reading Races', as research suggests that children cannot fully comprehend  a text until reading at 90-100 words per minute. As well as working on fluency and expression, we also work with children on prediction and inference skills (comprehension) to best prepare children for their end of Key Stage assessments (Sats tests).

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