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Phonics Fun Day- 12th June 2022

We're excited to invite you all to our Phonics Fun Day- a drop-in event, to check out our centre and find out more about our classes. 


Covid-19 Update: Reopening Procedures

To all our lovely customers,

I have outlined below the measures we have put in place at Reading Rabbits. This list is subject to change as we move forward and will be led by the government guidelines. Thank you again for any suggestions given, I really appreciate the feedback I received. It is very important that if you, or anyone in your household is displaying any of the Covid- 19 symptoms, you must not attend the classes and isolate for 14 days. If you, or anyone in your household tests positive for Covid-19, it is important that you inform me, so that I can inform the other families.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, schools and nurseries are operating a ‘bubble’ system, whereby a small number of children can touch the same materials and interact. We are mirroring this system in some ways, as the children will still have hands-on play materials. Between each class, trays and toys are disinfected (no cuddly toys during this time). We will not have sand trays out during this time and each child chooses their own playdoh pot and has their name written on it, for their use only. We also give out sticker sheets for parents to hold onto during the class, so children can still be rewarded, but without me getting too close. 

  1. Limit of 3 children per class. Where possible, we suggest just one parent per child to limit numbers.
  2. Hand sanitizer for each person as they enter the premises. 
  3. Each family is given their own waiting area (the book corner area, the car mat area and the last family to arrive- the area by the door). Each area is taped out so that children can understand their ‘area’. There will be a selection of books in each area and a tray to put any touched books into. Books from the trays are put in my office for a minimum of 4 days (as per government guidance), before added back into rotation. 
  4. We use foam squares- rather than squishing the children on the carpet, we have 3 foam squares positioned near the whiteboard (with adequate spacing between them). The foam squares and surfaces are cleaned between classes.
  5. The three activities are on a rotation. Each activity is taped out on the floor, so that children understand their area. 
  6. The writing areas are taped out in the same way. Whiteboard/ big paper, chalk/paint and the writing activities at the table. 
  7. The letter treasure hunt is done in three areas (back classroom, front classroom, waiting area).
  8. For school-aged classes, the tables are put out as separate desks, to allow for adequate spacing and children are given separate learning materials on their table.
  9. We have replaced the hand towels in the toilets with single use paper towels.
  10. The windows are secondary- glazed and therefore, cannot be opened. However, we have a double door located at the side of the room, which will remain open for ventilation, when appropriate.  

Due to the enhanced cleaning schedule, I kindly ask that parents arrive ready for the beginning of the class and leave promptly after the class has finished. It is important that everything is cleaned adequately, before the next group of children arrive.  


Covid-19 Update: Remote Classes

To all our lovely customers,

I wanted to update you all in relation to our Coronavirus action plan. We are still currently open for classes as normal (However, this could change in the coming days/ weeks as the ongoing advice is changing rapidly).

 The advice since yesterday has advised any pregnant women, those over the age of 70 and those with underlying health conditions to self-isolate. Therefore, if you fall into any of those categories, we would advise you not to attend classes. Also, if you or any of your family members that you live with have experienced any symptoms, please do not attend classes.  

I wanted to reassure parents that any pre-booked classes that your child cannot attend during this period, will be carried forward to when we are back to normal (whenever that might be!).  

As we prepare for things to change and schools to shut (presumably at some point in the near future), I have been busy coming up with contingency plans to support your child’s phonics and reading remotely, while we prepare for the possibility of being housebound (a scary thought with active children!).   

 At Reading Rabbits, we firmly believe in fun, interactive learning and want to find a way of providing classes remotely without losing our ethos! Therefore, we are proposing small video call classes, whereby we can still interact with children and they can interact with us. I have been busy preparing ‘home packs’ for children to have the materials they need, to join in at home.

This was never an expected move for us to ‘go digital’ but as a new business (like many others) we are learning to adapt. I would like to begin trialling these classes soon and would love to have some guinea pigs for classes to see if we can make it work in true Reading Rabbits learning style!

 If you would be interested in trialling our remote classes, please get in touch and I can get you sorted with a home pack and information on registering for our online classes.

The 'Tiger's Pen' was a fantastic experience!

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Just a reminder that Reading Rabbits will be closed tomorrow, as we will be entering the Tigers Pen, at the Mid Sussex Expo!


Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Reading Rabbits has their official open days next weekend. Come along and see what we're all about! 

Open Weekend Facebook Event 


Tuesday 9th April 2019

Reading Rabbits has a home!!! It took awhile but it has finally happened 🎉🥳.This place in Horsham needs some work but hoping to get classes started soon. Watch this space!


Monday 8th October 2018

Thank you to everyone still checking for updates. I have been busy viewing commercial properties and hope to have something sorted soon. In the meantime, our promotional, inflatable rabbit has arrived! Say hello to Bella Bunny!

Friday 21st September 2018

Reading Rabbits will be at The Brook School BBQ and Fun Day tomorrow (Saturday 22nd September) from 12-3pm. We hope to see lots of you there! 


Friday 21st September 2018

Thank you to everyone that has been checking my website and Facebook page for updates! Unfortunately, finding commercial property has proven more difficult than I first anticipated and I wouldn’t want to settle for a property that wasn’t an ideal learning environment for children (including decent parking for parents!). I will update both the website and Facebook page as soon as I have more information. 


Monday 28th May 2018

Thanks to everyone that came down to visit us at our stall yesterday! I'm glad so many children enjoyed playing in our purple sand, painting and pinching pom-poms. Looking forward to seeing many of you and your lovely children in the autumn! 

Sunday 27th May 2018

Maidenbower Park Family Fun Day! 12pm- 6pm 

Come down and visit Reading Rabbits at our first promotional event! A chance for parents (and kids) to get a flavour of our classes.

Watch out for the letter 'P' with p-p-pirates!


Saturday 26th May 2018

The Website is up! Hooray! Please bear with me, whilst the site is being developed (It's a work in progress!).Over the next few months, we hope to have the classes  available to book and pay online through our website. More pictures to come for our gallery soon!

Contact us for class availability